Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic treatment is often defined as conservative medicine or alternative medicine. It is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness without the use of prescription drugs or invasive surgery. Chiropractors use a variety of conservative measures to help patients reach their health and wellness goals. They utilize a range of joint mobilizing techniques, which improve neurological function, restore joint mobility, and reduce pain symptomatology. Furthermore, they incorporate nutritional management, supplementation, herbs, physiotherapy, biomechanical/ postural evaluation, and rehabilitation programs in their treatment programs, in order to give patients alternative solutions to manage their health conditions.

We use the most modern clinical techniques and diagnostic tools to correctly identify and treat the most complex of problems. At Alpha we take this a step further. Our Chiropractors work hand in hand with our Orthopedist, Pain Specialist, Podiatrist, Internists and Physical Therapists to customize an integrated treatment program for the individual patient. Our goal is to provide seamless care to our patient community, which not only addresses their pain symptoms, but also prevents future reoccurrences and relapses.

Chiropractic Techniques practiced at Alpha:

Common Conditions Treated are: